Growing your business

Growing your business

We work hard at our partnerships, at all times working on how we can build your wealth today and far into the future. Your reputation is ours. For hand tool quality. For sustainability and reliable delivery. For 100 years and beyond. Partnership is our craft, and it is our privilege to master it with you.

Because our success depends on yours, we believe partnership is the key to mutual and sustainable growth. We are committed to growing our business and we are dedicated to helping you do the same through:


We are committed to ensuring we have significant local presence, so we are perfectly placed to respond wherever you are.

Global resource

Over the last hundred years, we have built a company that you can rely on to deliver the global resources to build profitable partnerships for the future.


Continuous research and development puts you at the forefront of ergonomic design and technical innovation with Europe’s premier hand tool portfolio.


We are driven to partner you in the growth of your business, we are passionate about achieving it through knowledge, quality, integrity and efficiency.

Sales support

We are dedicated to optimizing your sales through ongoing user-driven marketing, product demonstrations, technical assistance, merchandising and brand building activities.


Our associates are leaders in their fields with the specialist knowledge and experience to develop your business far into the future.

Did you know?

Our Sandflex bi-metal hacksaw blade was introduced in 1967, heralding a new era in metal-cutting blade technology.

Growing your business

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