SNA Europe utilizes on-line technology for both internal and external user groups to provide the most efficient services around the clock worldwide.


Extranet is our 24-Hour Customer Support accessible to registered customers. Extranet enables our customers to place orders on-line, check price and availability, track current orders and backorders, browse the catalogue, and view and download product images. For more information and to register, please contact your local sales office.

SNA Europe Group at LinkedIn

We have created a group for SNA Europe at LinkedIn, aiming at connecting SNA Europe associates and reconnecting with SNA Europe retirees and previous associates in good standing.


Webmail is an alternative access for SNA Europe associates to access their e-mail account.


SNA Europe intranet is our channel for internal communication amongst our associates. It can be accessed only via SNA Europe networked computers.

Did you know?

Bahco presented its first Ergo® ergonomically designed screwdriver in 1982.

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