About us

About us

SNA Europe is one of the oldest continuous producers of hand tools in the world. Our unique 150 year history and partnership experience has defined the way we do business and our values help make SNA Europe the trusted, respected company it is today.

  • Welcome to SNA Europe

    Welcome to SNA Europe

    The premier pan-European hand tool manufacturer. We design and manufacture tools tailored to the most demanding professionals.

  • Our history

    Our history

    We have dedicated ourselves to our customers and partners since our first hand tools were manufactured in Sweden in 1850. Explore the SNA Europe timeline…

  • Our presence

    Our presence

    Our primary focus on European manufacturing, sales and distribution means we are perfectly placed to bring you Europe’s leading hand tool brands…

  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our Mission & Vision

    Over the last hundred years, our partnerships have helped to define the way we look to do business today and in the future. Our experiences have shaped our beliefs…

  • Innovation


    We have been at the cutting edge of hand tool design for over a century. Our innovation means we can offer Europe’s premier portfolio of hand tools…

  • Continuous improvement

    Continuous improvement

    We are energized by progress, by the constant possibility of improving everything we do. We work together to identify opportunities for improvement, efficiency and innovation…

  • Leadership team

    Leadership team

    Knowledge and talent of individuals would be worth very little in a pan-European company like ours without international experience, cultural diversity and other complementarities...

Did you know?

The first saws with the famous ‘fish & hook’ symbol were produced in 1886.

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